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The beads are the life of the abacus. Ideal beads have a nice touch, clear high sound and they fall into the right place. To achieve quality such as this requires not only strict selection of materials but also a perfect sliding gap between the beads and the bamboo axis. The bead holes and the finish of the bamboo axis decide how smooth the movement of the beads will be, and no matter how advanced modern technology is, all this depends on the skill of craftsmanship.

The Unshu Maruho Abacus is easy to use and has a traditional feeling and quality that can only be produced by true craftsmanship.
This is our intention for customer to use our abacus for a life time that a good abacus will begin to demonstrate smooth bead movement after about a month of use due to natural moisture, dust, and sweat from fingers, etc.

Horie Soroban (Abacus) Co., Ltd.

907-1 Yokota,
Town of Okuizumo, Nita-gun,
Shimane Prefecture
Japan, 699-1832

TEL: +81-854-52-1110
FAX: +81-854-52-2565

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