History of the Maruho Soroban (Abacus)......

Gihe Itohara was a merchant at the beginning of the Meiji Era (1868 - 1912).  He bought and sold wood for abacus manufacturing, mostly tropical hardwood.

Tameemon Horie (a descendant of Yoshibe Itohara) started manufacturing and selling abacuses.  He established a company in 1898 and put a lot of energy into keeping the abacus manufacturing tradition alive by nurturing young craftspeople.

The Maruho Abacus is loved amongst abacus users as an gArtwork by true craftspeopleh.  After World War II, the demand for the Maruho Abacus steadily rose due to a spread in the use of the abacus.

My predecessor, Toshiharu Itohara, built a factory in 1954.  He successfully introduced mechanization, thus achieving mass production, while also maintaining the traditional quality.  The steady supply and affordable price was widely appreciated.

In our modern factory, we exercise strict quality control.  Our company motto of "Good product at an affordable price" keeps every employee alert and proud.

We thank you for a long lasting business relationship.

CEO and President

Hiroatsu Itohara